On what factors does the process of Web Design starts working?

Attention should be paid to which category the site is being listed in on the directory site.Some directories, such as DMOZ, will offer the link for free, some will ask a fee, or an exchange of reciprical linking between both sites.Submitting the URL of a website to a directory listing website is often a valid way to increase links back to the site.Exchanging links with another site or posting content on public sites can offer a way of enhancing the marketing strategy of a business site.Common techniques that are used to enhance site content with the view of promoting links to Theming & integration the site include the use ofor news items being available on the site, or on other .

Promoting a website inappropriately is regarded as spamming and will have a detrimental effect on the sites SEO.Any RSS feeds consumed by other web users will also count as links to that site.Forums are very useful in this sense and will also promote the site to an audience more likely to engage in the business.As websites and web applications evolve, the versatility of functionality that is has become more prevalent.

AJAX leverages the built-in ability of most web browsers that enable rich client UI interactivity and real-time data updates.AJAX departs from older forms of web page behaviour where the whole page must be reloaded for information to be passed between the client browser and web server.The result is a web page that provides data updates more instantaneously and presents itself in a more user-friendly manner.

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