Who will do the major beneficial process for the need of people?

Popular speaking, event marketing refers to the promotion of target A , not directly to promote the objectives of A, but to find some news Value event B1-Bn, to beat around the website design sydney bush marketing event A.In order to promote the objectives of the film A , have to prepare a series of related events B, such as male and female Gossip, the two stars because the paycheck , your role conflict , ambiguous relationship directors and actors from the cast flow out of nude and so on etc.

Whether true or false, the effect is to do it anyway , we remember Live the film s name.Starting from To develop to the climax , the last wonderful ending on the target.It s a bit like watching Jin Yong s novels, I read a few pages before, I feel amazing these people die.It may be more backward-looking, more powerful People see the back, only to find the first few pages out of those, not even a small role in the question.

The goal is the search engine strategy The General Assembly , by crossing the Tiger Valley contest this newsworthy , who can attract the attention of the event , played a very good marketing.As far as I can recall, for nearly half a year in the process, there are different circumstances to attract everyones attention (by memory write, when Between the order may be wrong):

Inquire at what everyone is crossing the Tiger Valley Hou reveal the answer.The top surface of the site has been punished , even attention and discussion to be deleted.About black hat and cheating practices and report activities of concern and discussion.The whole process, albeit not brilliant , but it is certainly a very successful event marketing.Have the opportunity to ask Hao dimension , the event marketing investment to produce than how kind.