In web development process what activities are to be performed ?

All do SEO people, and Matt Cutts dialogue is undoubtedly very exciting. But no public good, from the outset intended to published interviews, will be some pressure. Because in a way, this can be expected to answer most of the interviews. Matt Cutts and Jianfei are very good people, I can feel them within the scope of the license of trying to help us understand Google, Google tolerate and understand the way SEO recommendations, but also to a lot of practical tips.

It is not possible to determine that they disclose details relating to the algorithm. Interview with Matt Cutts, ask explicit details are tempting ideas, such as ask keyword density limits in which (if any). Before the interview I also repeated consideration, which should not take this opportunity to learn some of the technical details. After a close and this easy have to look out of at access and serious consideration before Matt Cutts, I gave up the idea to ask technical questions.

Reason tells me that this problem is almost no significance. Because of my history and current status of the domestic search engine optimization industry is not personal website design company experience, a lot of SEO optimization master I do not know, most likely I have not heard of. I hope readers tell me, what are the domestic SEO optimization expert , masterSEO technology is not limited to the operation, excellent in the SEO business operations also included. Does not provide SEO services, only yourself (or company) station and erudite also included.

Many experts hidden very deep, do not want exposed, I hope you will help me dig out them. Tell me more information, and we may be able to read a more interviews to learn more tricks up their sleeves. You can also introduce ourselves. Tell me the name and address of the individual or company blog master domain. If you can talk about why I hope the interview that he / she would be better. You can leave a message in this post. I feel bad open, then you can email it to me.

What ratio can be effected through E-commercial websites ?

On page often contains a header, footer, navigation bar, repetitive text, copyright, advertising and other sections content, which is useful for users, but for search engines is of no significance. In this case, the station It can grow by using robots-nocontent label to prompt the search engines these core content and pages unrelated plate. When the specific use, you can use the class = robots-nocontent format in div, span and other XHTML elements.

When a part of the contents of the page is marked as robots-nocontent, Yahoo does not use such content in the search results. Use the robots-nocontent label to mark the content of the page is not to be repeated part as a doorway pages (Cloaking), because here all the page content for users, all still visible. Birth Robots-nocontent protocol, for search engines and ordinary owners, are a very meaningful thing.

On the one hand it can help search engines understand the content of the site and the core index, for the site in the search engines performance will be of some help. At the Responsive Web Design same time for the search engine, it can make the search results more accurate, more matching the search user search, the search results page description more precise. Last published article 51 is closed, the cause of many peoples enthusiastic response, we also took the opportunity to point out a number of search engine friendliness 51 errors exist.

With the event in-depth analysis, you careful users found more problems, so that is not a direct suspect intentionally 51 speculation. Contact to around fifty large-scale inspection and blocked Baidu cheating website, I began to make the industry think that 51 is one of Baidu penalize sites, suggesting to 51 robots.txt file through a friend, so we understand the Baidu website It includes only one of the reasons, not the search engine of human actions, but 51 their own reasons.

Who will do the major beneficial process for the need of people?

Popular speaking, event marketing refers to the promotion of target A , not directly to promote the objectives of A, but to find some news Value event B1-Bn, to beat around the website design sydney bush marketing event A.In order to promote the objectives of the film A , have to prepare a series of related events B, such as male and female Gossip, the two stars because the paycheck , your role conflict , ambiguous relationship directors and actors from the cast flow out of nude and so on etc.

Whether true or false, the effect is to do it anyway , we remember Live the film s name.Starting from To develop to the climax , the last wonderful ending on the target.It s a bit like watching Jin Yong s novels, I read a few pages before, I feel amazing these people die.It may be more backward-looking, more powerful People see the back, only to find the first few pages out of those, not even a small role in the question.

The goal is the search engine strategy The General Assembly , by crossing the Tiger Valley contest this newsworthy , who can attract the attention of the event , played a very good marketing.As far as I can recall, for nearly half a year in the process, there are different circumstances to attract everyones attention (by memory write, when Between the order may be wrong):

Inquire at what everyone is crossing the Tiger Valley Hou reveal the answer.The top surface of the site has been punished , even attention and discussion to be deleted.About black hat and cheating practices and report activities of concern and discussion.The whole process, albeit not brilliant , but it is certainly a very successful event marketing.Have the opportunity to ask Hao dimension , the event marketing investment to produce than how kind.

What causes recession situations in the process of web design?

2011 saw a transformation of search results that defined the Local search environment that we are now very familiar with and 2012 will be the year that geo-social search starts to all come together as one.For businesses, especially those who service a local area, there is no doubt that 2012 will sydney web design continue to accentuate the mounting significance of establishing and managing your business identity. From an SEO perspective, the emphasis will continue to be about maintaining consistent local search identifiers such as name address and phone number across the web.

Whether or not Google decide to pull back on the prominent display of local (places) listings will be interesting to see. We have already seen in 2011 the change from the iconic red push pin of Google Places to a duller grey one – all influenced by the advertising spend of course.
There is no doubt that Google HotPot and Google + will continue to dominate and we are already seeing some of the influences of these social platforms in much

There will be some interesting debates on privacy in the months to come as Google reveal more of peoples personal life in the search results to their ‘inner circle’ than one might like or expect.Now that Bing and Yahoo are merged it wouldn’t be surprising if Google got too cheeky by taking their advertising or personalisation of search results too far.How far they need to go before people to start jumping ship we will have to wait and see.

On a final note, 2012 will likely see the continuation of SEO expanding to encompass more than just the traditional on and off page website optimisation.Research done with small business owners and entrepreneurs shows that there are specific online marketing strategies and techniques that financially successful business owners use to achieve rapid and sustainable business growth.

On what factors does the process of Web Design starts working?

Attention should be paid to which category the site is being listed in on the directory site.Some directories, such as DMOZ, will offer the link for free, some will ask a fee, or an exchange of reciprical linking between both sites.Submitting the URL of a website to a directory listing website is often a valid way to increase links back to the site.Exchanging links with another site or posting content on public sites can offer a way of enhancing the marketing strategy of a business site.Common techniques that are used to enhance site content with the view of promoting links to Theming & integration the site include the use ofor news items being available on the site, or on other .

Promoting a website inappropriately is regarded as spamming and will have a detrimental effect on the sites SEO.Any RSS feeds consumed by other web users will also count as links to that site.Forums are very useful in this sense and will also promote the site to an audience more likely to engage in the business.As websites and web applications evolve, the versatility of functionality that is has become more prevalent.

AJAX leverages the built-in ability of most web browsers that enable rich client UI interactivity and real-time data updates.AJAX departs from older forms of web page behaviour where the whole page must be reloaded for information to be passed between the client browser and web server.The result is a web page that provides data updates more instantaneously and presents itself in a more user-friendly manner.

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Who hold right to finalized the web designs ?

1, to ensure there is a keyword search engine optimization into the top three in three, two keyword optimization to three major search engines first page of each month charge 500 yuan 2, there are three key words to ensure search engine optimization to three top three, two keyword optimization to three major search engines on the first page, the monthly fee 1000 yuan 3, Web Portal Design to ensure there are five to three keyword optimization the top three major search engines, monthly fee 150 0 yuan that you do not think that our service is very expensive, we know senior engineers and technicians work when the reward is a grade it.

Our service is based on the confidence of their own and your no wind on the risk. And if you trust us, we will be your trust to give preferential treatment 1, is willing to pay to us, signed an agreement in time, payment of all , we give 5% discount . 2, willing the first payment to us, signed an agreement in time, money to pay half the remaining optimization in our first paid to the appropriate standard, we give 20% discount.

If you pay, our service does not meet the corresponding standards, we will reach the actual extent of the control criteria for granting a refund. you want to make your site search results is to occupy more than 80%% CTR? You want to go beyond the vast majority of your competitors, so you are in a very favorable competitive position.

We guarantee your site through our optimization process within 1-3 months , ranking up to 300,000 worldwide before visiting per day can reach hundreds of thousands of people. We ensure that your site appears in Google, Baidu, YOHOO the left ranking of the top three results, the top ten. We guarantee your site through our optimization process, we will receive orders from all over the world .