In web development process what activities are to be performed ?

All do SEO people, and Matt Cutts dialogue is undoubtedly very exciting. But no public good, from the outset intended to published interviews, will be some pressure. Because in a way, this can be expected to answer most of the interviews. Matt Cutts and Jianfei are very good people, I can feel them within the scope of the license of trying to help us understand Google, Google tolerate and understand the way SEO recommendations, but also to a lot of practical tips.

It is not possible to determine that they disclose details relating to the algorithm. Interview with Matt Cutts, ask explicit details are tempting ideas, such as ask keyword density limits in which (if any). Before the interview I also repeated consideration, which should not take this opportunity to learn some of the technical details. After a close and this easy have to look out of at access and serious consideration before Matt Cutts, I gave up the idea to ask technical questions.

Reason tells me that this problem is almost no significance. Because of my history and current status of the domestic search engine optimization industry is not personal website design company experience, a lot of SEO optimization master I do not know, most likely I have not heard of. I hope readers tell me, what are the domestic SEO optimization expert , masterSEO technology is not limited to the operation, excellent in the SEO business operations also included. Does not provide SEO services, only yourself (or company) station and erudite also included.

Many experts hidden very deep, do not want exposed, I hope you will help me dig out them. Tell me more information, and we may be able to read a more interviews to learn more tricks up their sleeves. You can also introduce ourselves. Tell me the name and address of the individual or company blog master domain. If you can talk about why I hope the interview that he / she would be better. You can leave a message in this post. I feel bad open, then you can email it to me.


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