What causes recession situations in the process of web design?

2011 saw a transformation of search results that defined the Local search environment that we are now very familiar with and 2012 will be the year that geo-social search starts to all come together as one.For businesses, especially those who service a local area, there is no doubt that 2012 will sydney web design continue to accentuate the mounting significance of establishing and managing your business identity. From an SEO perspective, the emphasis will continue to be about maintaining consistent local search identifiers such as name address and phone number across the web.

Whether or not Google decide to pull back on the prominent display of local (places) listings will be interesting to see. We have already seen in 2011 the change from the iconic red push pin of Google Places to a duller grey one – all influenced by the advertising spend of course.
There is no doubt that Google HotPot and Google + will continue to dominate and we are already seeing some of the influences of these social platforms in much

There will be some interesting debates on privacy in the months to come as Google reveal more of peoples personal life in the search results to their ‘inner circle’ than one might like or expect.Now that Bing and Yahoo are merged it wouldn’t be surprising if Google got too cheeky by taking their advertising or personalisation of search results too far.How far they need to go before people to start jumping ship we will have to wait and see.

On a final note, 2012 will likely see the continuation of SEO expanding to encompass more than just the traditional on and off page website optimisation.Research done with small business owners and entrepreneurs shows that there are specific online marketing strategies and techniques that financially successful business owners use to achieve rapid and sustainable business growth.


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