What ratio can be effected through E-commercial websites ?

On page often contains a header, footer, navigation bar, repetitive text, copyright, advertising and other sections content, which is useful for users, but for search engines is of no significance. In this case, the station It can grow by using robots-nocontent label to prompt the search engines these core content and pages unrelated plate. When the specific use, you can use the class = robots-nocontent format in div, span and other XHTML elements.

When a part of the contents of the page is marked as robots-nocontent, Yahoo does not use such content in the search results. Use the robots-nocontent label to mark the content of the page is not to be repeated part as a doorway pages (Cloaking), because here all the page content for users, all still visible. Birth Robots-nocontent protocol, for search engines and ordinary owners, are a very meaningful thing.

On the one hand it can help search engines understand the content of the site and the core index, for the site in the search engines performance will be of some help. At the Responsive Web Design same time for the search engine, it can make the search results more accurate, more matching the search user search, the search results page description more precise. Last published article 51 is closed, the cause of many peoples enthusiastic response, we also took the opportunity to point out a number of search engine friendliness 51 errors exist.

With the event in-depth analysis, you careful users found more problems, so that is not a direct suspect intentionally 51 speculation. Contact to around fifty large-scale inspection and blocked Baidu cheating website, I began to make the industry think that 51 is one of Baidu penalize sites, suggesting to 51 robots.txt file through a friend, so we understand the Baidu website It includes only one of the reasons, not the search engine of human actions, but 51 their own reasons.


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